Students Profile

Risanti Febrine Situmorang

Nationality: Indonesia

Project: Association between exposure-related behaviors and urinary phthalate metabolites for pregnant women in Taiwan.

Adviser: Chia-Jung Hsieh

Study period: 2016-2018

"I am very glad to be part of Master Program in Public Health Department, Tzu Chi University. First of all, i would like to mention the warm learning atmosphere, that we have in school, which is good for us as international student. We are treated as family. The second is: it's such a good opportunity to be taught by professional lecturer that is very knowledgeable in their field, and truly advise with the best for their students. And even, everyone will be guided by an adviser that has been very responsible and dedicated to help students achieve their education goals. PH department helps me to see PH issues around the world and improves my knowledges and skills in doing research especially in Public health field that is very useful for me and my society."


Bakhytbol Khumyrzakh

Nationality: Mongolia

Project: Application of quaternary ammonium agents on N95 respirator before use for pre-decontamination of airborne Mycobacterium smegmatis

Adviser: Chun Chieh Tseng, PhD

Study period: 2017-2019

"My experience as a graduate student in the Department of Public health proved to be the most challenging and rewarding phase of my student life. The department provides a very open and engaging environment within which to develop as a scientist. One of the biggest advantages of the department is the nearly even student-to-faculty ratio that guarantees professors will treat students more like their colleagues than as students."

Oyu-Erdene Sukhbaatar

Nationality: Mongolia

Project: Role of public health workers in primary health care setting in Mongolia

Adviser: Liang Ying Hsu PhD

Study period: 2017-2019

Tsanligrentsen Lkhagvasuren

Nationality: Mongolia

Project: Risk factor associated with recurrent pulmonary tuberculosis in Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia

Adviser: Shu Yuan-Chen.

Study period: 2017-2019

Buyanjargal Batjargal

Nationality: Mongolia

Project:  Sex Education knowledge among High School students

Adviser: Hui Chuan Kao

Zolzaya Budkhuu

Nationality: Mongolia

Project: Social network and online game addiction related personality big 5 factors in Mongolian adolescent

Adviser: Yi-Chun Sun

Soyol-Erdene Bat-Erdene

Nationality: Mongolia

Project: How to communicate with people about using antibiotics

Adviser: Yi-Chun Sun

Anggi Osyka

Nationality: Indonesia

Project: the changes in depression level and sleep quality of GERD patients during PPI medication 

Adviser: Shu-Hui Wen

"The reason why I want to study abroad is to learn more about health issues from another country's perspective. All the teachers here help the students to figure out what they want to learn and let us as students to explore it. Here, I feel the warmth of family. It's also a good opportunity to be taught by professional teachers here.

Wei Lin Yee

Nationality: Malaysia

Project: Vegetarian diets and cardiovascular disease prevention

Adviser: Chia-Jung Hsieh, Ph.D.

"I am glad as an international student in Master Program in Public Health Department, Tzu Chi University. All the faculty members providing us a rewarding study environment by helping us up whenever we having difficulties in running our project. "

Ikbal Andrian Malau

Nationality : Indonesia

"After i’ve accepted in public health department of tzu chi univ. certainly i don’t know for sure about situation in Tcu Chi. I can only see through the website. and now I’ve been here for more than 2 weeks, I am very happy and grateful to get the chance to continue my study here. I hope and i have to enjoy my study here, and it’s suppprted by adequate campus facilities, good learning methods, and good lecturers."