Jointly hired Teachers and Administration Staff

Chin-Chuan Yeh Professor

Specialty: Medical system, health insurance, health administration, health policy
Education: Master of Epidemiology, Harvard University
Detailed introduction: Teacher  Chin-chuan Yeh 's blog

Ying-Wei Wang Associate Professor

Specialty: Family medicine, palliative medicine, community medicine
Education:Public Health of Tulane University ,Ph.D.
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An-Ren Hu Professor

Specialty: Organic and biological mass spectrometry
Education:Department of Chemistry, Dong Hwa University ,Ph.D.
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Sen-Fang Huang Associate Professor

Specialty: Exercise Physiology, Exercise and Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, Snooker, Handball
Education: Master of Health and Sports Studies, University of Texas at Taylor
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Mei-Shiuan Yu Assistant Professor

Specialty: Microbiology, Molecular Bacteriology, Bacterial Physiology and Pathogenic Mechanism, Enzyme Chemistry
Education: Microbiology Group, Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel:  (03)8565301 ext. 2016 / Lab: 2107

Tsung-Cheng Hsieh Associate Professor

Specialty: Biostatistics, clinical trial design, clinical trial data processing and analysis
Education: National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2015
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Yin-Ming Lee Associate Professor

Specialty:  Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Maternal and Child Health
Education: Master of Preventive Medicine, Department of Public Health, National Taiwan University
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2252
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Mei-Hui Huang Administrative Assistant

Executive business: administrative business (academic, general affairs, personnel, accounting, secretary, research and development, library, humanities department, computer center, etc.), educational affairs (registration, enrollment, class affairs, teacher development center), academic affairs (student life Counseling, rewards and punishments, scholarships and grants, application for work-study students), the handling of various academic activities, the handling of various meetings of the department, management and maintenance of the department's website, management of graduate students' information, biostatistics consulting room, temporary assignments by the director.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2271
Department Office: No. 701, Section 3, Zhongyang Road, Hualien City, 970 (Futian Building, Room H310, 3rd Floor-Turn left at the elevator exit)