Elementary School Camp (衛了部落)

Purpose of establishment

The aborigines in the Huadong area of ​​Taiwan account for about a quarter of all residents. Due to the long-term economic, social, cultural, and health disadvantages of the aborigines, the aborigines are the targets of Tzu Chi University’s care and services. Tzu Chi University’s Department of Public Health and the Master’s Program have long been dedicated to discussing the physical and mental health issues of indigenous peoples. Students in this department gather resources from within and outside the department to apply what they learn to tribal indigenous peoples through actual participation and services. Health promotion, practice the ideal of caring for the disadvantaged and giving back to the society. It is hoped that the community will be deeply rooted in the long-term operation, continue to provide health promotion as the main service, supplemented by the promotion of health intelligence, and establish a knowledge and information exchange platform to facilitate the integration of health academic research results and tribal traditional knowledge, and plan for the local people The health promotion plan realizes the spirit of creating health in accordance with local conditions.


The goal of the camp is: "healthy life, safe home, vigorous tradition".
The camp takes empowerment/empowerment as the principle of health science activities. All activities are planned and designed with "home" as the focus, and the implementation is centered on school children. It is hoped that through teaching activities, primary school children in remote areas will become tribes The seeds of health bring the content of health education and health promotion actions from school children back to the family, and then extend from the family to the entire tribal community.

Annual plan

Increase the camp service base: The camp has been handled in the Yuemei tribe for the past six years. This year we will not only continue to operate the Yuemei Elementary School and the tribe to handle the summer camp. As the department students are more and more actively participating in the summer camp, Wanting to secure every opportunity for service learning, I decided to add another service location. After discussing with teachers, classmates, and local experts familiar with Hualien's aboriginal people, we decided to open a new location, and finally selected the site at Jing American Primary School, Jiawan Village, Xiulin Township, Hualien County.

Early camp training: Due to the numerous activities and skills required for the course, team members also need time to cultivate tacit understanding. Therefore, this year we will conduct group management skills, lesson plan writing and implementation, and health education videos during our school this year. Choreographer and other training courses and activities.

Mid-term team deployment: Cooperate with the camp training and run in with the service base early to facilitate the planning and implementation of various team activities and courses. In April and May this year, use half a day to one day to visit Yuemei Elementary School Hejing The United States conducts small scientific health camps.


This year, we mainly teach students about the three aspects of "healthy living, safe homeland and activity tradition" through life-oriented courses, so that students can fully understand the interaction between the three. Through interesting dramas and practical operations, children’s awareness of health knowledge can be enhanced.

Curriculum arrangement: Separate the children in the lower grades (first and second grades) from the middle and upper grades (third, fourth, and fifth grades), and design two teaching plans suitable for the level of students. In addition, we invite graduates to come back to participate in the camp activities, give the small assistants the task of assisting the camp and order control, and train as the tribe's guards.




Creative health education video - prop production                                    Creative health education video - rehearsal


Teach knowledge in class