Lih-Ming Yiin Chair and Professor

Specialty: Exposure assessment, environmental pollutant analysis sampling, bio-detection, environmental sanitation.
Education: Rutgers University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2273
Email: lmyiin@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Cheng-I Chu Professor

Specialty: Management, human resource management, organizational behavior
Education: University of Iowa, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2277
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Shu-Hui Wen Professor

Specialty: (1)The development of statistical methodology to address problems in genetic association studies. (2)Application of statistical methods in health-related questionnaire survey. (3)Pharmaco-epidemiology using secondary database
Education: National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2282
Email: shwen@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Chun-Chieh Tseng Professor

Specialty: Environmental Health、Occupational Health、Bioaerosol、Indoor Air Quality
Education: National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2284
Email: tsengcc@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Chia-Feng Yen Professor

Specialty: Health welfare and disability studies, health care for people with intellectual disability, long-term care policy, health systems and health policies
Education: Ph.D., The Graduate Institute of Life Sciences (GILS), National Defense Medical Center,
Taiwan , Republic of China
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2300
Email: mapleyeng@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Shu-Yuan Chen Associate Professor

Specialty: Cancer epidemiology, environmental epidemiology.
Education: National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2279
Email: sychen02@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Hui-Chuan Kao Associate Professor

Specialty: Health promotion and
health education, health promotion evaluations and planning, regulation of occupational safety and health
Education: National Taiwan Normal University, Ph.D.
University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2283
Email: kaosue@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Wan-hua Hsieh Associate Professor

Specialty: Nursing, environmental and occupational health, biodose assessment of radiation exposure, health promotion
Education: Institute of Public Health,
National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2294
Email: wah99@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Liang-Yin Hsu Associate Professor

Specialty: International health, health policy, Chinese health system, prevention and treatment of AIDS
Education: University of Bielefeld, Germany. Doctor of Public Health
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2286
Email: hsuliangyin@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Chia-Jung Hsieh Associate Professor

Specialty:  Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology, Epidemiology, Industrial Hygiene
Education: National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2307
Email: cjhsieh@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Hsiang-Chu Chen Associate Professor

Specialty: Hospital organization and management, Medical records management
Education: Institute of Medical Science, Tzu Chi University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8561825
Email: tz1049@tzuchi.com.tw

Yi-Chun Sun Assistant Professor

Specialty: Social psychology, health psychology.
Education: University of Utah, Ph. D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2291
Email: yichun@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Ching-Yi Kao Assistant Professor

Specialty: Clinical psychology, Psychiatric epidemiology, Addiction, Suicide
Education: Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College  London
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2296
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Tsung-Shan Hung Assistant Professor

Specialty: Occupational therapy, health promotion, long-term care
Education: Department of Occupational Therapy, National Taiwan University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8561825 ext.17617
Email: melody1088105@gmail.com

Jui-Hung Yu Full-time lecturer

Specialty: Health administration, health policy assessment.
Education: National Yang-Ming University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2280
Email: jhy@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Tzu-Kuei Chang Associate Professor《108.8.31 retired》

Specialty: Health Policy, Medical Sociology
Education: National Yang-Ming University, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2281
Email: tzukuei@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Upay Kanasaw Assistant Professor 《101.1.31 retired》

Specialty: Environmental medicine, basic medicine
Education: University of Tokyo, Ph.D. 
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2290
Email: antonio@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Yun-Yun Lin Professor 《100.7.31 retired 》

Specialty: Health/medical economics, health industry, international health care reform
Education: University of Michigan, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2274
Email: yyl@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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Yi-Hwei Li Professor (1964-2018)

Specialty: Applied statistics, survival analysis, medical research design, integrated analysis, quantitative research method.
Education:University of Ohio, Ph.D.
Tel: (03)8565301 ext. 2276
Email: yihwei@mail.tcu.edu.tw
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